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Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit – Process to Obtain Loans even with a Bad Record

Are you struggling to obtain a payday loan because of your bad credit score? Worry no more, you get the emergency funding that you need right now online! Change your financial situation today with online payday loan for bad credit.

What is a Bad Credit Payday Loan?

A bad credit payday loan (also known as a cash advance) is specifically for people with poor credit scores and bad credit history.

In line with this, online bad credit payday loans are short term loans that offer a small amount of emergency funding wherever you are. Having said that, the loan amount is solely based on the borrower’s payday salary.

In short, there are no limits and restrictions when taking an online payday loan, even if you have a really bad record!


What does Having a Bad Credit Mean?

Having a bad credit (this includes your credit score and/or credit history) represents how irresponsible a person is when it comes to handling his finances. With that being said, below are the following factors that result in a bad credit score:

  • Payment history – Applicants with poor credit scores are irresponsible to repay the loan on time. If for instance, the borrower repays the loan, it is more likely to be way past the due date. – Contributes 35% of the credit score
  • Credit utilization – How much credit that the borrower has utilized. Plus, how many credit cards the borrower use. – Contributes 30% of the credit score.
  • The length of credit history – Shows the length of time each account is open. Plus its most recent activity or transaction. – Contributes 15% of the credit score.
  • New credit – Contributes 10% of the credit score.
  • Credit mix – Contributes 10% of the credit score.


Where to Find Legit Bad Credit Payday Lenders Online?

Any form of emergency funding online must be issued and approved from an FCA-authorized direct online lender. With that being said, an online payday loan is no different.

As a borrower, you have the option of submitting your loan application directly to a lender; or let a financial referring service company (like Purple Payday) do the work for you.


Online Lenders vs. Traditional Lenders – Which One is Better for Bad Credit?

Nowadays, it is possible to connect with lenders online. Moreso, get a good deal of bad credit loans. Now, without further ado, here is a table that shows the difference of online lenders and traditional lenders. Find out which one best suits your financial situation below:


Online Lenders Traditional Lenders
Basic requirements and lenient qualifications – Online lenders only need basic requirements and qualifications for all applicants; this includes the minimum revenue and credit score.

If self-employed, an applicant must run a business for at least 3-6 months old.

More requirements and stricter qualifications. – For instance, most banks require (employed) applicants to have perfect to good credit scores.

If self-employed, traditional lenders prefer applicants who own a business/es at least 2 years old.

This makes it difficult for most applicants to get a personal loan.

Flexible terms and conditions. Strict terms and conditions (requires more paperwork).
Fast emergency funding time. Receive your loan fund directly to your bank account the same business day!

You may receive the emergency funding the next business day if you submit your loan request around 5:00 PM GMT-5.

Emergency funding takes days to get approval. Moreso, be disbursed to your bank account.
Higher interest rate than traditional lenders. Lower interest rate compared to online lenders.
Convenience. You can get a loan online, anywhere, anytime. You need to go out and run errands just to obtain a loan.


Advantages of Bad Credit Payday Loans Online

Bad credit payday loans bring the best advantages. Especially for those people who are experiencing a bad financial situation. With that being said, here are some of the benefits of payday loans bad credit:

  • Bad credit score and bad credit history is okay
  • Helps improve your personal credit score
  • Loan term is open for extension
  • You can get a huge loan amount
  • You can get a bad credit installment loan


Bad Credit Online Payday Loans – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you have any questions about online payday loan for bad credit, you might find one of your questions below:

Can I get loans for bad credit with no co-signer?

Yes. Payday loans for bad credit do not usually require you to have a co-signer. When a co-signer is involved, the cosigner’s credit history is what matters to the lender.

Having said that, a bad credit payday loans assume that it is the borrower who requires credit. Therefore, a co-signer is not required at all.


Will a poor credit history affect my chances of obtaining a payday loan online?

In most cases, yes. But that doesn’t mean your loan application will receive a rejection. With that being said, this is where Purple Payday can help. We will simply forward your loan application to our network of trusted lenders online who accepts people with poor credit scores.


Does it matter how bad my credit score is?

A credit score is an important factor when it comes to lending decisions. Therefore, if you have a low credit score, this may hinder you from getting loans. This is because lenders (either online or on-site) assess the risks associated with lending you a cash advance.

Contrarily, that is not the case here on Purple Payday, we have bad credit payday lenders on board.


Does taking bad credit payday loan have a negative impact on my credit score?

Not necessarily. Most bad credit payday lenders will take this into consideration.


How Can Purple Payday Help You Today?

Purple Payday Loans is a legitimate financial referring services company in America. When you put your good faith in us, here is how we can help you today:

We work with a network of legit online payday lenders

Cash Advance Same Day

One of the main benefits of applying on Purple Payday is that we scan the market and connect you to a legit bad credit payday lender.

Our job is to connect you to the best deal who can process your loan application immediately. Then receive your emergency funding the same business day guaranteed!

Given that intention, we see to it that the lender’s terms and conditions fit your bad financial situation. With that being said, the terms and conditions cover the following:

  • Annual percentage rate (APR)
  • Interest rate
  • Acceptance rate

Therefore, you have a better chance of finding a loan and getting lower rates in the process when you apply through us.

Easy loan application process

When you trust Purple Payday to provide you bad credit payday loans online, we guarantee you an easy application process. This means basic requirements and you can apply for a payday loan at home, in front of your computer.


Apply now and get access to payday loans bad credit today!

Rudi Waffler