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Best Personal Loans

Finding the Best Personal Loans for Your Circumstances


Best Personal LoansPersonal loans can be a useful tool for people who are facing unexpected expenses and who do not want to borrow the amount that you might take out on a bigger product such as a mortgage.

Personal loans are typically offered for higher amounts than an overdraft and are a viable alternative to a credit card for flexible borrowing.

Finding a company that offers the best personal loans for your credit rating and personal circumstances is not always easy. If you do not know the market well then shopping around and finding the right companies to work with could take some time.

We help people to find the best personal loans for their needs by connecting prospective borrowers with lenders that match their needs and requirements. We know how difficult it can be for a prospective borrower to find a company that is willing to work with their needs and requirements.

How to Apply?

That’s why we offer a simple, short and easy to complete the loan request form. Just fill out that form with information about your income and expenditure and your identity and we will connect you with prospective lenders from our database. Those lenders will consider your request and if they think that they can work with you then they will contact you to perform more detailed checks.

If you do successfully arrange a loan with one of the lenders that we connect you with then they will deposit funds into your account for you and you should have access to the finds within as little as 24 hours after the loan is completed.

Simple and Secure Request Process

Best Personal LoansOur request form is secure and the information we gather from it is used only to connect you with the best personal loans companies.

Here in Purple Payday, we do not share the data with anyone other than for the purposes of helping you to get in touch with lenders that you are likely to meet the criteria of.

We base the connections that we make on the information that you supply us with, and then individual lenders have the option of doing further checks on a borrower’s identity, credit history, and financial background.

Some of the lenders that we work with do not use traditional credit reference agencies, but some do. Some of the lenders that we work with provide short-term loans, while some offer longer loans and deal in larger amounts.

No Credit History? No Problem!

It can be difficult for someone who does not have a credit history to borrow from a traditional bank or a mainstream lender, but there are companies out there that work with that side of the market. They will consider borrowers who have poor credit histories or even no credit history.

These lenders provide a valuable service because they offer funds to people who have short-term expenses and who could not use a mainstream lender to cover them.

If you are considering using such a lender, then it is important that you consider your finances carefully. Do not borrow more than you can afford to pay back, and answer any affordability questions that the lender asks you truthfully and accurately.

Quick Connections When You Need Them

Best Personal LoansAt Purple Payday Loans, we understand how stressful it can be if you need to borrow money for a broken appliance, car care or other issues.

We will work to help you quickly communicate with prospective lenders, and save you time by ensuring that the lenders you are put in touch with are the ones that are most likely to be willing to consider your application.

We have a large database of contacts, and we aim to help as many people as possible. We have already worked with thousands of people from all over the country, and we have good relationships with a significant number of lenders. 

When you fill out our loan request form you are under no obligation to take a loan or to choose any of the lenders that are on our list. We understand that you may be shopping around and that you could get a suggestion from another company.

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to help you get a good deal and access the loan finance that you need at the time when you need it. You can choose to stop the process at any time and we will handle your personal information appropriately and respect your confidentiality.

We hope that you will find a loan to suit your needs from our list – whether that is a small short-term loan, a loan with no credit check or a loan for someone with a poor credit history. 

If you are looking to borrow money or take out a personal loan, fill out our loan request form today to see which lenders we work with that would be willing to consider your request.



Rudi Waffler