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Studying abroad vs. studying in the United States

You may prefer studying abroad to studying in the United States so as to save on the high costs of education in the United States. If you want to study in English, you should look for study destinations such offering courses in English. Tuition fees in foreign colleges and universities are always cheaper compared to those in American institutions. You might pay a half the amount in the American schools.


Many masters programs abroad extend to one year, while a full doctorate may go up to three or four years in the American schools.

Why study abroad

The universities and colleges are now offering a broad range of subjects taught in English like computer science, mathematics, medicine, international business and engineering courses.

Studying abroad widens your horizons – when you finish your studies a whole world will be available to you which would not have been after domestic study. And your CV will look fantastic.


Foreign students should apply for a student visa at the particular embassy belonging to the country you want to study which should come before traveling. Usually visas will be required for long term study. Ask at the embassy of the country you want to visit.

Submission of original documents that include certificates, and one set of photocopies of the university admission notice is required. It is important to provide a valid passport.

University system

Some of the foreign universities have been ranked high in the world university rankings, which suggests that they are in a better position to provide quality education.

Tuition fees

The universities provide low-cost programs. For example, in China, the tuition fees range from the US $2000-4000 for each academic year. Other universities offer their programs at very low prices… even at zero cost. However, it sometimes varies according to the universities and the subject undertaken. Imagine studying without an onerous student loan to repay.

Scholarship programs

schForeign countries create various scholarship programs whose aim is to encourage and motivate international students to seek education in the foreign universities.

Partial and full scholarships are provided for international students who intend to base their studies on postgraduate and undergraduate programs.

A full scholarship is provided for students who come to seek education in foreign countries as senior and general scholars. Receiving a scholarship is the best way to obtain free education abroad.

Housing facilities

Most of the universities have taken a step forward to provide paid accommodation for all the students. It is important for the new students to allow them to focus on their studies. Unfortunately places are limited.

Health and safety

Every international student is required to obtain health insurance coverage, which provides enough security and support for the students. The rates are always low and pocket-friendly to the foreign students. Some foreign countries allow students to work as they learn which helps the students be in a better position to pay most of their bills.

Additional advantages met due to studying abroad

erasmus-programAlso, it is advantageous to learn elsewhere because you can take unique courses that are not offered in the United States. You get the opportunity to learn in a new environment with which you get to face new challenges. Confidence is gained by interacting with other people. Lean a new language, gain skills and experiences, meet new people, enjoy the local environment, learn new personal interests and get to know new places.

Rudi Waffler